How to Copy & Paste When Using a Laptop

By James Clark

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Laptop computers use a touchpad and control buttons at the front of the keyboard to move the cursor on the screen and to select content for copying. Although a mouse can be connected to most laptops, computer users who prefer to travel light may not want to carry extra peripherals in their briefcase or computer bag. The touchpad and control buttons on the keyboard serve the same functions as a mouse, including copying and pasting text and images.

Copy and Paste

Step 1

Place the cursor at the beginning of the text or image to be copied, using the touchpad on the laptop.

Step 2

Press and hold the left control button below the touchpad, then guide a finger over the touchpad to highlight the text and images for copying. The selected areas will be highlighted in a different color, typically blue.

Step 3

Release the left control button when finished highlighting a section for copying.

Step 4

Press the right control button and use the touchpad to highlight "Copy" from the dropdown menu that appears.

Step 5

Place the cursor over a blank word-processing, web or desktop publishing template, press the right control button and choose "Paste." This will copy the highlighted content into a new document or webpage template, where it can be edited.