How to Send a Yahoo! Greeting

By Michelle Carvo

Loved ones can send online e-card greetings for all occasions.
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With the rise of the Internet, electronic greetings have become an increasingly popular way of wishing someone a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary or any other number of traditional greetings. The Yahoo! Greetings website enables users to send either free or paid Yahoo! Greeting cards to anyone with a valid email address. Sending a Yahoo! Greeting is both simple and quite fast.

Step 1

Go to the Yahoo! Greetings site (link in "Resources").

Step 2

Select an occasion for your card by clicking one of the links on the left hand navigation pane of Yahoo! Greetings. If you wish to send a birthday card Yahoo! Greeting, for instance, you'll want to click "birthday ecards." If you want to view only free Yahoo! Greeting cards, select "Yahoo! Free."

Step 3

Browse through the available ecards and select one that you'd like to send by clicking on it.

Step 4

Click the "Personalize & Send" button located at the top of the greeting card.

Step 5

Type in the message you'd like to have included with your greeting in the "Personalize your ecard" section.

Step 6

Type in the email address for the desired recipient in the "email address information to" field. Type in your name and your email address in the two fields that follow.

Step 7

Click "Preview" to preview your Yahoo! Greeting before sending it. If you're not happy with the greeting, edit the details on the next screen and then click "Send your ecard" to send the Yahoo! Greeting.