How to Shut Down an HP Notebook From a Freeze

By C. Taylor

Bypass a frozen operating system by forcefully shutting it down.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your HP notebook might freeze for several reasons, including faulty or incompatible hardware. A freeze also frequently occurs when software becomes corrupt or severe strain on system resources is introduced. A simple reboot sometimes solves the problem, but rebooting is complicated when your keyboard, mouse and operating system are inoperative. During a freeze, your only recourse is to manually power down the system and reboot from there.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Power" button for eight to 10 seconds. This forces the system to power off. This procedure works most of the time, even when the operating system is frozen. Proceed to Step 2 if this option does not work.

Step 2

Turn the laptop over. Slide and hold the battery lock button to the release position.

Step 3

Pull the battery toward you and lift it out of the HP notebook.

Step 4

Wait 10 seconds and replace the battery.