How to Get Wi-Fi on a Nintendo DS Lite

By Benny Taylor

The Nintendo DS Lite can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Your Nintendo DS Lite includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect it to a compatible wireless network. Connecting your Nintendo DS Lite to a network allows you to play online multiplayer games and browse the Internet using your console if you purchase a Nintendo DS Browser cartridge.

Step 1

Insert a game cartridge with online features in the DS Lite's cartridge slot and switch on the console. You can establish whether a game is online-enabled from the information on the game box.

Step 2

Select the "Nintendo WFC" option from the game menu.

Step 3

Tap "Nintendo WiFi Connection Settings" on the bottom screen of the DS Lite.

Step 4

Tap the icon for "Connection 1" on the touch screen, and then tap the large "Search for an Access Point" button. Wait while your DS searches for available wireless networks within signal range.

Step 5

Tap the name of the network you wish to connect to. If the network is unsecured, tap "OK," followed by "Save Settings" and "Yes." If the network uses encryption, you must enter the network password.

Step 6

Enter the WEP key, or password, by tapping the characters on the keyboard that appears on the touch screen. Tap "OK" when finished, followed by "Save Settings" and "Yes."

Step 7

Wait until the connection test completes. If "successful" appears on the screen in green, you are able to connect to the wireless network. If "unsuccessful" appears in red, tap the "Back" button and check the settings you have entered.

Step 8

Continue to play the inserted game if you wish. You have now enabled the online features and should be able to find other online players to compete with.

Step 9

Power off the console to use a different online-enabled game cartridge or the DS Internet Browser cartridge. The DS will automatically activate your saved settings when you next use a cartridge with online capabilities.